What is the Schema Type WearableMeasurementTypeEnumeration Generator?

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What is the Schema Type WearableMeasurementTypeEnumeration?

The "WearableMeasurementTypeEnumeration" is a measurement unit enumeration that categorizes different types of measurements related to wearable devices and their components such as sensors, accelerometers, gyroscopes, and others.

This Schema.org type provides a structured way to express the various units of measurement used in wearable technology applications including but not limited to distance speed acceleration pressure temperature time force frequency impedance power voltage current resistance capacitance conductance inductance flux magnetic field strength angular velocity linear acceleration linear displacement angular position angular velocity angular momentum torque viscosity specific gravity volume mass density flow rate concentration chemical potential thermodynamic temperature absolute humidity atmospheric pressure airspeed altitude wind direction speed velocity distance traveled energy consumption power consumption water usage electrical current electric charge electromagnetic field strength electromotive force electricity usage gas consumption heating degree days light intensity luminous flux lux magnetic field strength magnetic induction magnetization magnetostriction mass flow rate mechanical advantage moment of inertia momentum motor efficiency motor torque net calorie production nuclear reaction rate number of revolutions per minute number of turns per minute pH power factor pressure drop pulse rate radiation absorption coefficient radiation exposure rate radiation dose radiation spectrum relative humidity residual resistance resistivity rheological properties specific activity specific gravity speed speed ratio speed ratio speed ratio speed ratio specific weight spectral reflectance spectral transmittance thermal conductivity thermal diffusivity thermal diffusivity thermal impedance thermocouple temperature coefficient time constant torque velocity volume flow rate viscosity water usage wind direction wind speed..

What are the properties of the Schema Type WearableMeasurementTypeEnumeration?


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