Who came up with Focus Keyword Finder?

Hello, my name is Calebe Teixeira. I am an SEO from Brasil with some years of experience in software development.

A while back, in my attempt to find out which keywords actually make a difference to rank in Google, I became frustrated with the existing tools and methods.

In an attempt to solve this issue I ended up developing my own solution in a rather rudimentary way (using BASH SCRIPT), but it opened my eyes to the potential of using Google's SERP (in real-time) as a correlation base and to discover via reverse engineering, the technical and objective reasons why some pages rank while others don't.

Needless to say, anyone who understands the basics of our market knows how important backlinks are for a successful SEO project, and yes, there are plenty of great tools available in the market for this purpose.

However, when it comes to content creation, it isn't enough to write an incredible user-focused article, believing “content is king” if it doesn't grab Google's attention and reward you with SERP's top spots in your niche.

And that's exactly why this tool is so valuable: by using reverse engineering, Focus Keyword Finder shows you the keywords that rank in your niche (in real-time) and helps you increase your traffic and get to Google's top!

My mission

Focus Keyword Finder began as a personal project and was fully developed by a single programmer.

After years of working with SEO and being aware of most of the tools available on the market, I realized that, given the high cost of these tools, they weren't affordable for a large number of professionals (perhaps the majority).

So my mission is to offer a tool that works as a core part of your SEO strategy, in a low-cost, efficient, and accessible way, and thus become a game-changer for your projects.

Special thanks

I've only been able to get this far in SEO, thanks to everything I've learned from some amazing people, who have taught me, inspired me, and have been incredibly important in my journey:

Calebe B. Teixeira