What is the Schema Type Boolean Generator?

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What is the Schema Type Boolean?

Here is a long description about the Schema Type called "Boolean": The "Boolean" schema type represents a logical value that can have only two possible states: true or false.

It is used to indicate whether a certain condition is met, whether an action has been taken, or whether some other binary event has occurred.

In its simplest form, a "Boolean" value can be thought of as a switch that can be flipped between on and off, yes and no, or 0 and 1.

This schema type is often used in scenarios where a definitive answer to a question is required, such as in forms, surveys, or quizzes.

When representing a "Boolean" value, it is important to use the exact values "true" or "false" to ensure accurate interpretation by search engines and other applications that consume schema.org data.

The presence of a "Boolean" property can provide valuable insights into user behavior, preferences, and opinions, allowing developers to create more informed and targeted experiences for their users..

What are the properties of the Schema Type Boolean?

1,368 Types

1,466 Properties

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Who came up with this Schema Builder?

Hello, my name is Calebe Teixeira I am a SEO from Brazil with a few years of experience in software development and creator of Focus Keyword Finder.

I live on top of a mountain in the south of Brazil, with my beloved wife and children and I connect to the internet through a Starlink antenna.

For some time I had been putting off the idea of creating what would eventually become the best and most complete 100% free Schema generator on the internet.

This is a simple gesture to try to give back a little of what I've learned over the years in this wonderful community of SEOs.

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